Four-Legged Friends in Need.

As a working creative, being able to profit off of your craft can be one of the most fulfilling feelings. There is a sense of accomplishment and value that is accompanied by completing a job that can be indescribable. While no one will argue against the pleasant feeling of being paid for hard work in one’s creative field, how often do us artists donate our own time into nonprofit ventures?  An artist has a unique power to provide his or her own perspective to an issue that plagues his or her own community or the larger society. It is often not something glorified in the art community at times because we all tend to lose site of giving back to those in need on the road to success. When pondering what differences I could make in my community as a photographer it quite literally leapt into my lap. Apollo, my nine-year-old rescued wiener dog, was almost a casualty to a terrible system that exists within the animal rescue community. When shelters become overcrowded with animals that no one is willing to adopt, they are forced to create open space by humanely destroying the unwanted pets. When Apollo was the age of three he was on the pathway to being one of those unfortunate few. A friend of mine that was working at the shelter informed me of this poor timid wiener dog that was in need of a home and I almost instantly said I would take him, (without consulting my family of course). Fast forward six years, Apollo is getting old and grey living a better life with my family, but that got me thinking, how can I assist other animals like Apollo that deserve a shot at life and a happy home? I began asking around, got in contact with Kristin Rose of Bottle Babies Rescue, and asked if her organization was in need of photographer. Based in Allen Park, Michigan, Bottle Babies Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that specializes in the care and rescue of abandoned animals. They serve as a shelter for pets waiting for their forever homes. My job is to assist with the adoption of the rescues by providing high quality photographic imagery that shows off the pet’s fun and loving personalities to perspective adopters. So far I have only has the time to work with one of Kristine’s dogs, an eight year old bull terrier named Mable, but I am looking forward to assisting the nonprofit find loving homes for all of the resident rescued pets that walk through their door.


Jacob Mulka