Opening Thoughts

To Whom This May Concern,

This blog will serve as a direct line for my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I also will be sharing photo sets with every blog post just because it feels slightly more personal, so in the future you can expect a great deal of different imagery coming from this blog. I am trying my best to break away from instagram and other social media. It really has become more toxic then I could of ever possibly imagined. Perhaps I am foolish but it seems that more people are interested in creating content that follows trends instead of communicating subjects of substance. I know what you are thinking, "well Jake, I don't see you doing anything that is truly pushing artistic boundaries or going to stand the test of time," and you know what I agree with you. At this present junction I can't say I have done or shot anything that truly has left a lasting impression on anyone. I certainly have not felt fulfilled in any work as of late but the beauty of the situation is that I have a choice to change that. Being able to observe your own work from an extremely critical point of view is six times out of ten an unpleasant experience but It does provide one with a certain level of introspection that allows one to observe and understand the areas where improvements must be made. In summary, I know I have a long way to go as an artist but I look forward to the challenge and hope I can eventually live up to my own expectations. I appreciate those that have chosen to be apart of my short journey so far. I had the pleasure of taking a few photographs of a very pretty and talented friend of mine, Claire, who is also a very talented photographer in her own right. She is the type of person that you don't really have to do much with to get a great photograph of, she really makes my job easy.

Jacob Mulka